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Robin Pecknold - I Let You 

Fleet Foxes performance @ Santa Barbara Bowl 9-13-11

After the band had played, you kissed my cheek,
And you told me to meet you there later. 
So I walked through the university
And auditioned your new friend, the painter.

I walked for a while
Walked for a while

I found the house and I walked in the door,
You were there, you were wearing his jacket.
He took his shirt off as he went to pour,
Had a paperback in his back pocket.

And I knew
And I knew
And I knew 
And I knew

So I told you we’re through.
I made up some excuse.
But I just wanted to
Say it first.

By then, the bus wasn’t running no more,
So I sat on the couch cuz I’m no one.
I couldn’t sleep, so I laid on the floor,
And I heard you two letting your hair down.

Letting it down
Longest night
Longest night
Longest night

Sometimes when I light a cigarette, I 
Think about the first time that I met you.
Outside the show, in the dirt-colored snow,
You offered me one, and I let you.


Joshua Tillman - My Proud Mountains (Townes van Zandt cover)

My home is Colorado, where there’s proud mountains tall,
Where the rivers like Gypsies down her black canyons fall.
Well, I’m a long, long way from Denver with a long way to go,
So lend an ear to my singin’, ‘cause I’ll be back no more.

Well, I left as a young man, not full seventeen
With nothin’ for company but the wind and a dream
‘Bout all the fast ladies and livin’ I’d find
When I left my proud mountains and rivers behind.

So I rolled and I rambled like a leaf in the wind.
Well, I found my fast ladies and some hard livin’ men.
Well I sometimes went hungry with my pockets all bare.
Lord, I sometimes had good luck, with money to spare.

Well, I made me some friends, Lord, that I won’t soon forget.
Well, some are down under, and some are ramblin’ yet.
But as for me, well, I’m headed for home,
Back to high Colorado, never more for to roam.

So friends, when my time comes, as surely it will,
You just carry my body out to some lonesome hill.
Lay me down easy where the cool rivers run,
With only my mountains ‘tween me and the sun.

Yeah, my home is Colorado.

J. Tillman - Firstborn

If you have to break
Say it for a friend
If you have to speak
Tell it like a condemned man
If you have to rule
Use an open hand
If you have to die
Kill the desires that you have

If you have to keep
Keep your mind at ease
If you have to sell
Break it ‘til it’s free

Pass over me
Pass over me
Pass over me
While the first-born are stricken down

(Source: themovedmind)

Fleet Foxes Live La Blogo (Three Tracks) 

"White Winter Hymnal"

"English House"